What Others Are Saying...

Lynne Streeter Childress

“I first saw Charlotte speak at a gathering for moms, and based on what the Holy Spirit was telling her, and how the discussion was going, she changed her planned topic, and gave us insight into her life. It was vulnerable and honest and Spirit-led, and I know that it let us Christian moms, who often feel like we have to be stoic and love every minute of life, feel like we were seen, and that we weren’t alone. The second time I saw Charlotte speak was when she was the keynote speaker at our church’s one-day women’ts retreat. Again, her honesty and openness about where God has led her from and how he sustains her opened up an avalanche of women writing out their dreams and speaking them out loud. God used her to give me the push I needed to finish the play I am writing, and I am currently trying to get it produced. She is amazing.”

 Susan VanderMerwe Smit

“We went through a tough time in our marriage. Charlotte was ministering to me and told me how we often put our husbands in the place where Jesus really belongs. We make our husbands our idols and our number one priority instead of Jesus. I went home and really thought about it and prayed about it. My relationship with Christ became closer. As I was drawing closer to Jesus, I had the courage to deal with my own hurts, hang ups, and habits; I stopped trying to control and fix my husband. As I worked in what I could change in me, Jesus could and would do the work in my husband. My husband still says, “It was the change in me that wanted him to change.” Charlotte changed me and my husbands life’s, because she was willing to share her life and experiences.”

 Jeanette Danson Yates

“You once told me that God had great things in store for me, that He loved me and wanted to use me for His glory. A glimpse of hope for me in a time where I felt wasted and insecure of my path or the journey He had for me. I was felt encouraged and loved. You prayed for me, a stranger in a sea of women. You listened to God’s voice and shared it with me.”

Charlotte's Keynote Soul Searching: Challenge yourself to know yourself.