A Sincere Apology

I refuse to discriminate against anyone because they are gay.

You will not agree with me on everything I have to say about homosexuality.

I find Christians are starving for someone like me to speak up. I know the Word of God. I live a life dedicated to the one who saved me, namely Jesus. I feel prompted to come forward and announce:

“I refuse to discriminate against anyone because they are gay.”

I have not felt bold enough to share this in the past, for fear of judgment from the Christians who are so intent on knowing and keeping the word of God, but who miss the gist of the Bible, which is LOVE.
Over and over, we hear Jesus carry on about the greatest of these is love. He declares love covers a multitude of sin. Furthermore, with greater fervency, He hammers home the message about judgment. He calls us to acknowledge the plank in our own eye before picking out the speck in the eye of another. There is absolutely no scripture about God’s feeling worse about homosexuality than he does about:

  • His hating divorce
  • His disapproval of infidelity happening in the mind
  • His stories of powerful people murdering, getting drunk and having sex with family members
  • His examples sexual immorality
  • His dislike of using the tongue in slander

…and it goes on and on and on and on.
I can only imagine the sorrow...
It appears a lot of what we do on on a regular basis is sinful in the eyes of God. Therefore, He provided propitiation for it all through Jesus. So many isolate the words against homosexuality, camp on them and set up an unloving campaign. I can only imagine the sorrow in the heart of our Lord and the exuberance in the belly of the devil when one who has been saved by the grace of God extends the scepter of judgment toward another.
Many evangelical churches have an unspoken guide system that they teach to the community. It looks something like this. ‘You can pick out the scripture that shows God hating homosexuality and therefore you are justified in mistreating people who support it.’
Honestly, I want to be sick when I realize I drank that Kool-Aid and stood next to the devil in the name of Jesus. It is no more right to ostracize someone for their sexual identity than it is to reject anyone who slanders, covets or dishonors their mother and father.

Let this be my sincere apology to every gay person I have ever judged.

My judgment has come from my misunderstanding of your normal. My misunderstanding brought fear, and my fear brought judgment. I hope you will forgive me as Jesus has forgiven me. I allowed wickedness to dwell in my heart. But God has powerfully revealed to me that His desire is for me to love. He is the judge. My sin of judgment is far greater than anything anyone else is doing.
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