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Wholeness for your Soul through Balance

Charlotte's Soul

soul /sōl/ noun

Soul is the part of you that lives inside of you made in the image of God. This is the eternal part of you and the important part of you.
Your soul will be living inside of you forever.

Your soul is the real you.

Heartbeats For Cancer
Coaching: A Safe Space for Soul Searching
SPEAKING: Inspiring Messages to Illuminate the Soul

If you struggle to understand your purpose, where you belong, and how to find your best self doing soul work is for you.

Soul work is identifying your calling, manifesting your gifts and enhancing the lives of others through them.

You are a unique creation designed with a purpose. Soul work is leaning on inspired teachings, learning to trust yourself, and loving the lover of your soul.

Charlotte can help.

She’s done serious soul work.

For years, Charlotte gave away her heart.

She shared, gave generously and found herself empty. While her heart was focused on God, her soul was tucked away, shy, and afraid. In a sea of demands, mixed up priorities, and the enormous responsibility of a marriage and raising four children, Charlotte lost track of her soul.

After many challenges, struggles, and heart breaks, she now finds strength from engaging her soul.

Charlotte has discovered that the heart alone is fragile, easily torn and broken. The heart must be supported, encircled, and rooted in the soul. Over 163 times, the Bible declares that humans must engage both “heart and soul.” She longs to share her life’s lessons with you and help you do your own soul searching.

Wholeness for your Soul through Balance

Charlotte’s messages through her blog, her books, her coaching, and her speaking give you insights into how to navigate life through soul work.

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Revenge or Forgiveness; You Have a Choice

By | Charlotte's Blog | 2 Comments

Unforgiveness and revenge go hand in hand.

Unforgiveness and revenge go hand and hand. They lead the one who encapsulates them into a life of toxicity and physical, emotional and spiritual destruction. Perhaps the ruins in our lives, that ensue from bitterness, is why the Lord cautions against harboring these emotions.

While God warns us against retaliation, He firmly promises He will make things right for us if we trust and obey Him.

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Be Still Even In The Storm

By | Charlotte's Blog | 2 Comments

Having balance, cultivating positive energy so the negative doesn’t consume us is imperative. Charlotte ChaneyWith hurricanes swirling, fires burning, and bombs threatened, one’s soul can feel out of balance without some conscious care and nurture.

The news does not display the day-to-day personal crises like painful relationships, chronic or severe health problems, financial fears, addiction, ailing parents or veering children, and political chaos that can feel all consuming.

Be Still

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Racism – We’re Still Worlds Apart

By | Charlotte's Blog | 2 Comments

Racism still exists.

“Girl, you should be ashamed of yourself showing up here in that!”

I had finally made it to my first exercise class. Evidently, I was in the wrong outfit.

I am white. The rest of the girls in the class were not white. Let me help you visualize what I’m talking about. I am the only white girl at a dance class. I showed up in the exercise skirt that I feel most comfortable in and was greeted with “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

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Love WarriorLove Warrior
by Glenon Doyel Melton

(This author has stirred controversy in the Christian community. I found great healing in this book.)

I am getting immense clarity and emotional healing from this book about how to identify and giving authority to all the voices in your head while identifying your core self.

Gift of ImperfectionThe Gifts of Imperfection This book brings me so much comfort as I a called to be vulnerable. A very healing resource.