Life After Cancer or Any Trauma

Crow Pose in Yoga

I’m just returning from a level 2 yoga class where I held Eagle pose and balanced in crow pose for a bit.

It’s been almost seven years since I found out I had stage 3 rectal cancer.
When you read my book you will see all the emotions I experienced after the initial colposcopy, receiving a diagnosis, struggling with alternative treatments vs. conventional, as well as realizing an ostomy bag was part of the process.  I endured six months of chemotherapy, post radiation, and surgery. You will also see what it was like to be 42 with four sons and miss out on a year of life. By the grace of God, I documented it in a very colorful way, and people all over are reading about the journey and growing in their faith and inner strength.
The expectation is once the journey is over you should just fall back into line. The truth is anyone who has survived trauma will never fall back in line. In addition to the gratitude for being alive, many of us find depression to be a new reality as we still struggle to do all we longed to do when we couldn’t.

“Once this is over I’m going to…”

For me, the truth is a year is a long time to be in bed and recovery is more than physical.
When I was sick, I was granted the gift of being not-responsible for anything. While many think that would be awesome, it is a very un-grounding place to be. Also because of the madness of my digestion, to put it lightly, I would often be up dealing with physical issues at night. I would allow myself to nap losing a sense of day and night. If there was a good movie on late at night, why not, I’ll just sleep tomorrow. I’m not the most scheduled gal, to begin with, and free reigns to do what I felt like when I felt like it, wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Not that I would change anything, I had a severe disease, and I believed I needed to check out for the year if I was going to live.

Getting back to life has been a struggle.

I was not able to mother my children while I was ill, but there were those kind souls who stepped in and filled in many gaps. When I came back ready to mother my teenage boys, they weren’t exactly open to the process. My 1st marriage ended for good, 4 years after my diagnosis,  you can only imagine life leading up to that point.
Today a part of me longs to go out and live vivaciously, however like many others who are in recovery from trauma, I am still recovering. An essential part of my recovery from many trials I have faced is learning to invest in my soul Spiritually, Environmentally, Emotionally and Physically.

Soul Work provides a place for me to find balance as I continue to heal and take on the callings God has in store for me.

Soul Work provides a place for me to find balance as I continue to heal and take on the callings God has in store for me.

I have made great strides and that is why I have introduced SEEP™ to the world. SEEP™ is the system I have developed to find wholeness for the soul through balance. In particular, SEEP™ provides core strengthening for the soul.
I am always anxious to share the tools I have acquired through the trials I have faced, so I have developed a Soul Work Journal. This journal is currently available for a free download on my website Charlotte’s Soul It will be available for purchase on my website, at signings and on Amazon, in 90-day increments, soon.
Please take some time for your self-care. Download this valuable resource and commit to the time to prepare for the unexpected things we all face. Since I have not finalized my Soul Work Journal yet, I’d love your feedback on the work my team and I have done this far.
Whether you are in a place looking to thrive or you need a tool to help you survive, Charlotte’s Soul, Soul Work Journal, an in-depth look at SEEP™ are excellent resources, if I do say so myself.
Signed Copies of Soul Work for Cancer are available on my website or you can get an unsigned copy on Amazon. If you are local, please come to a book signing. The next one will be 3/24 at Dublin Roasters at 11am-2pm. There are excellent food and coffee options, and I will be there to greet you and sign books.
Please, Please, please help get the word out. A review on Amazon or Goodreads is imperative for any author. I am picking up my speaking schedule and would love to inspire your group and share the tools of SEEP™ and the core strengthening for the soul.

SEEP™ is making a difference and I am so excited to be sharing.

Please make sure you connect with me on social media Facebook, Instagram  Twitter Linked In Pinterest If you are a female and would like to receive a deeper level of encouragement, please make sure you are part of Charlotte’s Soul private group. We have bonding and connection that is offered to all on social media free of politics, judgment of differences and anything else we often experience in the world that is too divisive. This is private but not exclusive except we are currently all women. (Click here to ask to join.)
One last thing is I am a Life Coach and work over the phone which means if you want to work with me, location is not an issue.  I am also beginning group coaching through a video platform called ZOOM. Please give it a try, our first 30 minutes is on me.
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