Get It Checked Out…The Dreaded Colonoscopy


*News Update: (10-11-16) Great news! Charlotte got her last CT scan last September and it came back all clear. No Cancer!!! She doesn’t have to go back for the foreseeable future!

Do you have something you are scared to face?
I had rectal bleeding four years ago, for about nine months before I finally had a colonoscopy. Colorectal cancer is quite treatable if caught early but often the way to catch it in a timely manner is to go in for the dreaded colonoscopy.
I hope this is the reminder you need or the encouragement to press on. Maybe you feel a lump somewhere and you are simply scared to hear the word biopsy or cancer so you are sitting quietly worrying.
Cancer is not a death sentence anymore. It is facing all kinds of artillery. If we don’t know it’s there we can’t fight it. Often removing small tumors is simple compared to large tumors like I developed or tumors that have spread.
Care for yourself…you are here for a purpose.
Make that appointment right now!
Enjoy Heartbeats for Cancer and please write a review of any book you love.

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