Embracing Your Soul

I witnessed and participated in the purest form of woman, and I saw a masterpiece of God.

I love observing people.

Last week, tragically, we lost Bryan’s nephew to a heroin overdose. I was able to go right away to be in the midst of the family, while the pain was still palpable. In the middle of the most profound sorrow, I was able to witness the essence of genuine sisterhood.
Dallas is our loved one who met his Savior last week. He and his wife Monika share a little girl, and he shares another daughter with her mother, Sarah. The girls 8 and 13 share their late father. As the 14-year-old lost her dad, she needed her mom and her dad’s family. In the most intimate act of inclusion, her mom was embraced by the immediate family, right away as everyone gathered to mourn.
I witnessed and participated in the purest form of woman, and I saw a masterpiece of God. ~Charlotte Chaney
As I watched, I saw the power of the feminine, woven together to create a cord of strength. Powerful bonding of the oldest woman linked to the youngest girl, all while encompassing everyone in-between. It was the essence of the feminine. I saw the sacrifice of a mother, who just lost her precious son, to meet the call of a young widow. The start of new sisterhood, where maybe even grudges had once held space. I witnessed and participated in the purest form of woman, and I saw a masterpiece of God.
“Do you want to join our march?” Is it something many of us hear? I will admit I haven’t been to one. From afar what I see is women dressed up like vaginas, with maxi pads adhered to them. What I see is people I can’t relate to trashing the sacred parts designed to be hidden, sprawled out in a grotesque and offensive way. I don’t want to be associated with that any more than I would want to be associated with any anti group. I am pro – not anti.

I stay silent, whether right or wrong, because the pure power and strength of what I am for, gets contaminated by the distorted and of and viciousness associated with against.

The power of the feminine is a real gift from God. Femininity is a work of art that can be used to bless or to curse. It encompasses intuition, sacrifice, of body and self. Femininity will give away a powerful dream but fight with everything to save a child in need. Femininity can make the most robust man weak, just look at Sampson. (Judges 16)
As much as I value being a woman I respect the brotherhood of men. I recently went to Rotary with my husband. While it is no longer all men, there was a compelling male presence. As I sat back and observed, I gained an appreciation for the unique bond they have with each other. One of the essential traits of my husband is the bond he shares with other men, who share his faith and values. I know that while we all will fall short of our highest self, I am comforted knowing he will be lifted in prayer and accountability by the men of God with whom he surrounds himself.
As my wisdom continues to mature, I am more and more aware of the gifts God has given me. I value the uniqueness He developed in the original palate of my being, but also the ingredients that were added through experiences, that have fortified the woman He designed so long ago.
You also were formed with a purpose and with excellent care. Each trial that you have and will face, are ways of refinement to bring your soul into the world.  You, as you are today, would not exist without the tests you have endured. You are resilient, you are here. I pray each and every one of us will continue to know the soul inside our body so that we can be present and a source of strength and encouragement for others.

Soul Work is taking time to know where you are and where you'd like to grow. ~Charlotte Chaney

Do your soul work.
Soul Work is taking time to know where you are and where you’d like to grow.

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