Coaching with Charlotte

Charlotte firmly believes each one of us has been given a vision that often gets silenced by voices of those of others or all too often ourselves. It is Charlotte's is passionate to help people identify the vision they have been given. She knows all too well how easily it is to bury gifts for various reasons like fear and voices in life that say, "You can't."

Charlotte believes if we can identify a path and the obstacles in it, that vision has hope. She believes the world will be a better place when each person contributes what only they can. Coaching is a vehicle for people to get from where they are to the vision they have been given.

Some people seek coaching simply to help them survive, and others are ready to thrive.

Charlotte is a graduate of Coach U, and coaches clients worldwide over the phone.

Let’s Do Some SOUL WORK

Soul work is for you if you want help understanding your purpose, finding where you belong, and learning how to find your best self. Soul work is identifying your calling, manifesting your gifts and enhancing the lives of others through them. You are a unique creation designed with a purpose. Soul work is leaning on inspired teachings, learning to trust yourself, and loving the lover of your soul. Charlotte can help. She’s done serious soul work.

COACHING with Charlotte
  • Engage with Charlotte for a free thirty-minute Coaching with Soul session
  • Discern if Coaching with Soul is right for you (pray!)
  • Commit to an Initial Soul Searching series
  • Complete the Coaching with Soul profile
  • Complete the Coaching with Soul agreement


Charlotte inspires audiences to care for themselves which leads to improvement of any environment. All too often people believe the lie that self-care is selfish when the truth is it is imperative to properly care for those you love. Her Soul Work Journal is the perfect companion for attendees to take home and continue caring for themselves.

Some people seek coaching simply to help them survive, and others are ready to thrive.
Creates clarity about who you really are
Helps you apply God's Word to your life
Empowers you to utilize your unique strengths

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SEEP SEEP™ is core strength training for your soul

As part of Charlotte's own recovery, she found wholeness through utilizing The SEEP Framework. This approach challenges one’s position in critical areas of life, initiating personal growth through connecting body and soul.


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