Speaking: Inspiring Messages to Illuminate the Soul

An author, blogger, and highly regarded spokesperson, Charlotte Chaney speaks directly and candidly to curious audiences. She shares insights on how to navigate life, love, and the liberty of knowing who you are in your heart and soul.

Charlotte is a graduate of the National Speakers Association Academy Program at the Washington, DC chapter. Charlotte is a professional speaker who longs to teach others how to do soul work.


Wholeness for Your Soul Through Balance

Life is a challenge. Charlotte knows this all too well.

Like many women, she has always cared for others, putting them first, giving her all. Raising four boys, navigating a tumultuous marriage, and sharing your heart with the world can leave you empty. Through a simple encounter, Charlotte found wholeness for her own soul utilizing The S.E.E.P. Framework. This simple tool provides you the means to expect the unexpected providing balance for your life.

In this keynote, you will soak in some hard won wisdom with an invitation to take sacred care of your soul. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, the bottom line is: You must take care of yourself. Her approach to tending the soul gives you fresh insights. You will be inspired to consider four imperative areas of self-discovery.

S ~ Your Spiritual Life
E ~ Your Environment
E ~ Your Emotional Life
P ~ Your Physical Health

Charlotte implores her audiences to prepare for the unexpected event that is on the horizon. Open your mind. Open your heart. Let the message S.E.E.P. in.

Discover balance
for your soul.

Soul Searching: Challenge yourself to know yourself.

Soul Searching is Charlotte’s signature keynote.

In this presentation, Charlotte provides a framework that empowers you to explore who you are. If you and your organization’s members are on the hunt for who you’ve not yet become, Charlotte will challenge you to get out of your own way.

Your life has value. Charlotte is sure of that! Through passionate energetic story telling, metaphor, and practical tips, you will gain a raw awareness of who you are at the soul level.

It is possible to move past shame. You can find favor. The gifts you have been given are waiting for discovery.

You simply need to get honest with yourself and your creator. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Charlotte will assure you that there is a place where your heart is full, your body is cherished, and your soul is known.

Soul Work for Body Image

Women suffer. Many are paralyzed and imprisoned by negative body image. Charlotte’s message of hope gives you permission to stop hating yourself, get help, and get wise to what is really important… caring for the temple where your heart and soul abide.

This keynote creates raving fans of Charlotte’s wake-up call to “Unite your mind, your heart and your soul holistically within the gift of your body.” Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. Instead, beauty is what you feel about yourself not what you see in the mirror.

Stop letting your mind bully your body. Become obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin. Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself. Take away a secret to getting started. Journey with Charlotte as she shares her own transformation. Begin to measure yourself in contentment and laughter rather than inches and pounds.

Soul Work for Cancer

The “C” word is a curse word. It attacks. It scares. It cuts you at the core. Getting a cancer diagnosis crumbles the ground below your precious feet. One day, you are making plans or setting goals, and then in a blink of an eye, your goals shift radically. You find yourself in a fight for your life.

Charlotte knows first hand about having life interrupted by cancer. In her candid approach to the realities of dealing with cancer, Charlotte draws you in with her magnetic, personal, soulful account of how she survived.

Whether you’ve had cancer or not, the stories Charlotte tells are relatable and transparent. If you’re scared about your future (for whatever reason), you will learn how to:

  • Get honest with God
  • Allow People to Love You Like Never Before
  • Stop Hoping and Exercise Your Faith
  • Eliminate Trade-Offs
  • And Create a Community of Soul Friends

Charlotte’s message helps you reject worry through an entertaining even humorous approach to surviving cancer. Like her creator, she will encourage you to “Take heart!” and to let it be well with your soul. This is the pathway to peace.

Soul Work for Survival

Life is better when you’re thriving.

However, sometimes you need a practical approach to simply survive. Charlotte’s keynote, Soul Work for Survival is all about making a comeback.

A comeback is defined as: a return to former greatness.
Making a comeback is a return to your essence.
Your essence, your greatness is found deep in your soul.

Charlotte delivers hard won wisdom on how to live the life you’ve been given. She shares secrets to accepting the choices you’ve made and powerful strategies on how to make better choices moving forward. You will hear stories about how to take the broken pieces…the ashes…the leftovers and make life work. No matter what has happened to you, you will be inspired by Charlotte’s words.

Attendees do soul work real time!

You may think you will never get over life’s challenges, but you will, and you will be fine and…ultimately found. You don’t need to be saved. You need to find and appreciate your essence for exactly what it is: greatness.