You’ve been given a unique skill set and vista of the world. You know you have a lot to offer. You may be stuck trying to reconcile your own identity with God’s will.

How do you know what you want is what God wants for you?

You do soul work.

Coaching with Soul is a process for individuals who long to know their life’s calling and purpose. You were designed by a perfect God who loves you heart and soul! Through coaching, Charlotte guides you to trust yourself, use the Word of God as fuel, and to embrace your God given gifts.

Coaching with Soul…

  • Creates Clarity about Who You Really Are
  • Reveals God’s Word and Helps you Apply it to Your Life
  • Gives you a Path to Utilize Your Uniqueness and Strengths for His Glory

How Coaching Works

Engage with Charlotte for a Free Thirty Minute Coaching with Soul Session

  • Discern if Coaching with Soul is right for You…pray!
  • Commit to an Initial Soul Searching Series
  • Complete the Coaching with Soul Profile
  • Complete the Coaching with Soul Agreement

The Four Soul Searching Series Sessions include:

Session One: Created in God’s Image

Session Two: Called to Glorify Him

Session Three: Discerning My Life’s Path

Session Four: Action Planning

Connect with Charlotte here to start your Soul Search.