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Letting Go

Letting Go… I have been in a season of growing with God. Although I have faced great joy, there has deep heartache and sorrow through my divorce and moving to Frederick. One of the hardest things I have had to face was the reality that some of my children seemingly chose (for lack of a…

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Understanding Another Person’s Perspective Can be Quite Enlightening

Oh I See!

Have you ever wondered how someone didn’t appreciate what you were doing when you saw it as an incredible contribution?

When I first met my second husband, I was shocked by the resistance I felt from his kids. From my perspective, I was bringing great things into their lives. For starters, their dad was happy. Furthermore, as a sensitive mom, I was more keen to some aspects of their needs than he tended to be without me. For example, they would tell a story and I would listen.

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"I have known all along what would be best for my children as far as chores, structure etc., but knowing what needs to be done and doing it can often be worlds apart."I am an extremely nurturing mother, but with that has come an unhealthy degree of enabling!

While I am improving, partially due to my new husband who has healthy boundaries and is creating a safe place for me to exercise mine, I have a history which may serve as an illustration for you to check-in with yourself.

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