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Addiction Affects More Than the Addict

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We are all coming to see, and tragically many of us experience the destructive force of drugs.

They are killing and imprisoning those we love at a devastating rate.
What is not spoken about enough, is the ruins addiction injects into the family unit.

If you are connected emotionally with someone who is self-medicating, you are in need of treatment as much as they are! I know this doesn’t make sense. You are likely feeling out of control, angry, and reacting in ways that cause you to feel shame and regret for your behavior. It is crazy making. You are hiding something in hopes it will go away-it will not!

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Why Does Anyone Stay with an Abuser?

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I blindly began to trust someone other than myself. I traded my instincts to walk a tightrope. I became determined to keep that, for which I was selling my soul.

Why do seemingly intelligent, capable people choose to stay with those who destroy their soul?

Leaving someone who hurts you seems like the obvious thing to do.

Below is a reflection. In May of 2015, I stopped to observe what I believed about myself. I began processing the decisions I had made that impacted my family and me. I see clearly now that I was more committed to the abuse than to the care of my soul. I hope by sharing my truth, others will gain clarity for the decisions they are making. In addition, impact the choices on their family and future generations.

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