Self Care is Not an Option; It’s a Requirement

Self Care is Not an Option; It’s a Requirement

We are all given free will, especially when it comes to caring for ourselves, but what about how our free will impacts those who love us.

Recently I was asked to pray confidentially for a friend’s loved one whose body is shutting down, (please join us in prayer). I can see the turmoil in this individual’s life watching this essential family figure decline. It is no secret there was a history of alcohol abuse in this person’s life, but the drinking ended years ago. I think of another friend’s father who was very important to me when I was young, he didn’t like doctors, and when they diagnosed him with cancer, he refused treatment and never met his grandchildren.

Caring for yourself is not limited to your physical self. As you will see in my latest Soul Work Journal, I pinpointed four key areas to pay attention to through my SEEP method which I used when I first began my journey in Self Care.

Spiritual | Environmental | Emotional | Physical


How are you Spiritually?

A few of the prompts in the journal are pretty basic, but often people don’t want to care deeply enough for their soul to take time to consider how they feel:

  • Do I believe in God?
  • Do I believe I am a value to God?
  • Am I scared to grow spiritually?
  • What is my next step forward?
  • What is keeping me from spiritual wholeness?


How are the Environments where you spend your life?

Sadly many people live in toxicity, avoidance, filth, excess, or in a pile of to-do’s which drain their energy and joy.

Some thoughts from my Soul Work Journal:

  • What can I do to flourish in my environment?
  • What am I going to do to keep my home comfortable?
  • Am I walking on eggshells with anyone in my life?
  • Is anyone walking on eggshells around me?
  • What do I hope no one else sees?


We all ebb and flow with our emotions and some people more than others.

Ask yourself:

  • What unresolved issues need attention?
  • What makes me feel terrific? Examples: exercise, community, church, etc
  • What resources are available to me to nourish my soul? Examples: 12 step programs, counseling, volunteering, exercise, etc.
  • Am I willing to take the next step and reach out?
  • Name a friend or a relative in whom I can confide.


Our Physical bodies require care. They are the house for our soul, and we need to step up and go to uncomfortable appointments, and whatever is needed to stay in tip-top shape. If we can’t do it for ourselves, we should do it for those who love us or just as a thank you to God for life.

  • What does my body need?
  • How am I tending to my physical needs?
  • Are there classes are groups near me that I am willing to attend?
  • Who would enjoy coming along with me on my physical journey for inspiration and accountability?
  • What am I going to do to make my soul and body connected?

I learned to care for myself after I suffered the effects of fighting stage 3 rectal cancer. You can read about my journey and share it with others in my book Soul Work for Cancer.

As a result of learning to care for myself, I have developed a Soul Work Jornal for others to begin their own journey to strengthen the core of their soul. Please reach out to me for your journal.

I am a Life Coach, I have a Life Coach and I would love to be your Life Coach. We all need a space to get our thoughts out of our head and someone to hear what we want for ourselves and hold us accountable to the next right steps when we figure them out.  You can book your appointment on my website or reach out so we can set up a time to connect.

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