Charlotte Chaney encourages thousands through her speaking, writing, and coaching.

Charlotte’s resilience shines as she shares her journey through stage 3 rectal cancer, a toxic first marriage, divorce, raising four sons, living amidst substance abuse, struggling with body image issues, dating as an adult Christian, remarriage and blending 8 children!

Through her gifts and experiences, Charlotte embraces life’s imperfections with her sense of humor and through her soul work inspires others to embrace their humanity.
Charlotte’s first book, Heartbeats for Cancer in currently being relaunched under her new brand Charlotte’s Soul. Soul Work for Cancer is a real-time compilation of her blog posts written starting the day she discovered a tumor and all through her treatment for stage 3 cancer. Her transparency and humor make this illustration of one woman’s foundation of faith through life’s crisis a must read.

While her roots are in Austin, Texas Charlotte lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband, Bryan. Together they share six sons and two daughters!

Charlotte is a cancer survivor. She has lived with addiction, and she worked tirelessly to save her first marriage. Charlotte is familiar with the rejection many people face when divorce becomes necessary.

Charlotte is familiar with pain and has worked hard to recover from it.

Charlotte became intentional as she set out to care for herself. After many years and a multitude of healing modalities, she is an expert in self-care. Charlotte has discovered her resilience and now shares with others the valuable tool and system she developed for self-care. SEEP provides a mechanism for people to connect with their soul Spiritually, Environmentally, Emotionally and Physically. Charlotte’s Soul Work Journal is the perfect coaching tool for people to strengthen their soul and prepare for life’s unexpected happenings.

During many painful years in her marriage, Charlotte turned to God for the unconditional love for which she had so desperately longed. God’s provision was powerful enough to ultimately equip her to face her cancer diagnosis free of fear.

Soul Work for Cancer, Charlotte’s book released in March 2018, is a culmination of the portion of her blog beginning when she shared with her audience that she “has a mass”. The book takes readers through the ups and downs of discovering she had stage 3 rectal cancer at age 42. With four sons ages 7-16 and a very dysfunction marriage her journey is captivating. Soul Work for Cancer will make you laugh, but it will also show you the real deal when it comes to facing a life-threatening illness.

For years, Charlotte gave away her heart. She shared, gave generously and found herself empty. While her heart was focused on God, her soul was tucked away, shy, and afraid. In a sea of demands, mixed up priorities, and the enormous responsibility of a marriage and raising four children, Charlotte lost track of her soul. After many challenges, struggles, and heart breaks, she now finds strength from engaging her soul. Charlotte has discovered that the heart alone is fragile, easily torn and broken. The heart must be supported, encircled, and rooted in the soul. She longs to share her life’s lessons with you and help you do your own soul searching through her gifts of speaking, coaching and writing.

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Soul work Journal: Wholeness of your soul through balance

When the Spiritual, Environmental, Emotional and Physical aspects of your soul are in balance, you will be prepared to face life’s many interruptions. Use this journal as a simple way to check in with yourself. Cultivate a new space, commit to your soul, and allow yourself to be nourished organically.

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You once told me God had great things in store for me. You gave me hope at a time when I felt wasted and insecure of my path and the journey He had for me.

SEEP SEEP™ is core strength training for your soul

As part of Charlotte's own recovery, she found wholeness through utilizing The SEEP Framework. This approach challenges one’s position in critical areas of life, initiating personal growth through connecting body and soul.

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