Charlotte Ramsey Chaney encourages thousands through her speaking, writing, and coaching as she candidly shares the tools she has learned to get her through life’s unexpected challenges. Her transparency is gripping; people relate to what she shares and see a better path through their own circumstances.

Charlotte has navigated trials like stage 3 rectal cancer, a toxic first marriage, divorce, raising four sons, living amidst substance abuse, struggling with body image issues, dating as an adult Christian, remarriage and blending 8 children.

Through her gifts, Charlotte Chaney illustrates how sharing one’s humanity is as good for the soul as it is for others around you.

Charlotte’s first book, Heartbeats for Cancer in currently being relaunched under her new brand Charlotte’s Soul. Soul Work for Cancer is a real-time compilation of her blog posts written starting the day she discovered a tumor and all through her treatment for stage 3 cancer. Her transparency and humor make this illustration of one woman’s foundation of faith through life’s crisis a must read.

Charlotte has been a featured guest on various television shows such as The 700 Club, Atlanta Live, Babbie’s House, and Friends and Neighbors. She has shared her hope over the radio waves in Washington DC’s WGTS, Alive in Christ and many other programs around the nation.

While her roots are in Austin, Texas Charlotte lives in Frederick, Maryland with her husband, Bryan. Together they share six sons and two daughters!

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