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Enjoying Your Life to Spite Your Negative Self-talk

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Charlotte Chaney in the ninth grade.In my head, I was the wildest, most screwed up, stupidest girl in the 9th grade.

After 30 years, however, I put on my big-girl panties and attended a high school reunion. I didn’t graduate from the school where the reunion was. I boarded there in 8th and 9th grade. It is a very rigorous school, academically, and my brain thrives in a more creative environment. Fortunately, I was able to finish high school at a place that was perfectly designed for creative girls like me. I thrived and graduated from there.

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Revenge or Forgiveness; You Have a Choice

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Unforgiveness and revenge go hand in hand.

Unforgiveness and revenge go hand and hand. They lead the one who encapsulates them into a life of toxicity and physical, emotional and spiritual destruction. Perhaps the ruins in our lives, that ensue from bitterness, is why the Lord cautions against harboring these emotions.

While God warns us against retaliation, He firmly promises He will make things right for us if we trust and obey Him.

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Be Still Even In The Storm

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Having balance, cultivating positive energy so the negative doesn’t consume us is imperative. Charlotte ChaneyWith hurricanes swirling, fires burning, and bombs threatened, one’s soul can feel out of balance without some conscious care and nurture.

The news does not display the day-to-day personal crises like painful relationships, chronic or severe health problems, financial fears, addiction, ailing parents or veering children, and political chaos that can feel all consuming.

Be Still

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