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Remembering What God has Brought Me Through, Steadies My Feet

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I had to put one foot in front of the other and be thankful for what I had, regardless of my trials.Can you imagine walking through a supernaturally separated river, revealing a path of dry land?

After the trauma of severe plagues, the nation of Israel was on a massive relocation to somewhere completely unknown. Talk about trauma! When forty years of exile ended, it was time to enter the Promised Land, passing by the Red Sea.

You can imagine people experiencing spiritual, emotional, environmental, and physical triggers. Doubt, fear, fatigue and facts set into their minds and separated them from what they knew to be true about God.

Don’t we all fall victim to the same unbalance in our faith journey?

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Why Does Anyone Stay with an Abuser?

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I blindly began to trust someone other than myself. I traded my instincts to walk a tightrope. I became determined to keep that, for which I was selling my soul.

Why do seemingly intelligent, capable people choose to stay with those who destroy their soul?

Leaving someone who hurts you seems like the obvious thing to do.

Below is a reflection. In May of 2015, I stopped to observe what I believed about myself. I began processing the decisions I had made that impacted my family and me. I see clearly now that I was more committed to the abuse than to the care of my soul. I hope by sharing my truth, others will gain clarity for the decisions they are making. In addition, impact the choices on their family and future generations.

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Passive Aggression: The Isolating of Your Soul

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I allowed my husband's authority, his lack of respect for my uniqueness and my longing to be accepted to damage the foundation of who I was designed to be. - Charlotte Chaney #https://charlottessoul.comEmotional abuse has many facets. Passive aggression is a primary weapon.

When someone knows in their gut that something is wrong, yet they are made to feel foolish when questioning the situation, they are likely facing passive aggression.
Two Signs of Passive Aggression

  1. If someone in your life does not validate your feelings, that is wrong! Feelings are not facts – but feelings are valid.
  2. Often one partner will begin to ostracize another from family and friends. Long term this slowly damages long-term relationships.
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