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Wholeness for your Soul through Balance

Charlotte's Soul

soul /sōl/ noun

Soul is the part of you that lives inside of you made in the image of God. This is the eternal part of you and the important part of you.
Your soul will be living inside of you forever.

Your soul is the real you.

Heartbeats For Cancer
Coaching: A Safe Space for Soul Searching
SPEAKING: Inspiring Messages to Illuminate the Soul

If you struggle to understand your purpose, where you belong, and how to find your best self doing soul work is for you.

Soul work is identifying your calling, manifesting your gifts and enhancing the lives of others through them.

You are a unique creation designed with a purpose. Soul work is leaning on inspired teachings, learning to trust yourself, and loving the lover of your soul.

Charlotte can help.

She’s done serious soul work.

For years, Charlotte gave away her heart.

She shared, gave generously and found herself empty. While her heart was focused on God, her soul was tucked away, shy, and afraid. In a sea of demands, mixed up priorities, and the enormous responsibility of a marriage and raising four children, Charlotte lost track of her soul.

After many challenges, struggles, and heart breaks, she now finds strength from engaging her soul.

Charlotte has discovered that the heart alone is fragile, easily torn and broken. The heart must be supported, encircled, and rooted in the soul. Over 163 times, the Bible declares that humans must engage both “heart and soul.” She longs to share her life’s lessons with you and help you do your own soul searching.

Wholeness for your Soul through Balance

Charlotte’s messages through her blog, her books, her coaching, and her speaking give you insights into how to navigate life through soul work.

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Arrested Emotions

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Arrested emotions

When you love an addict or someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, your God-given emotions are taken captive. Not only does addiction invalidate your truth, but it deceives others to turn against you too.

Codependents remain hopeful that things will change. Meanwhile, our emotions become steadily numb. Better not to feel anything at all, then to live with the doubt that our feelings are unsubstantiated.

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Welcome to Charlotte’s Soul

By | Charlotte's Blog | 3 Comments

Charlotte Chaney welcomes you to Charlotte's Soul.Formerly Charlotte’s Heart, Charlotte’s Soul was birthed from a great deal of spiritual kneading, the death of a dream and the progression of vision.

Through excruciating emotional trials, I have moved beyond my broken heart and discovered the steadfast strength flowing from my soul.

I have begun recovery from trauma as I explore a version of myself that is free of the worlds ‘musts’ and closer to God’s design.

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Grace vs. Enabling

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GraceThere is a fine line between giving someone grace for their raging bad mood vs. enabling someone.  Do you let it go or do you call out their behavior making them feel the pain for their decisions?

With addiction in my home, I found my way to Al-Anon Family Groups. I learned that I can love someone who is not seeking treatment for whatever is ruling their live. I also learned that I can detach from the dysfunction so it does not dominate my life or others in my care.

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